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Corporate Domain Name Management Versus DYI renewal

This blog looks at why brands should always use a Corporate Domain Name Management service over DYI domain management, which exposes brands to unnecessary risk of domain name expiration.  While it might save a few dollars it can cost a lot more in the long-run. We also explore issues around indemnity and liability using discount domain name providers.

domain name · online brand protection

Domains: How to lose $175,000

A cashed up, and not overly careful cybersquatter,  recently wasted $175,000 purchasing the domain name which they subsequently lost through the Uniform Dispute Resolution Procedure (UDRP) to the company they tried to unsuccessfully flip it to, the Bank of Scotland. Halifax is a British bank operating as a trading division of Bank of Scotland… Continue reading Domains: How to lose $175,000

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Online Brand Protection: Four actions to avoid annoying and expensive IP battles

Online brand protection does not have to be an overly onerous or complicated function of a business. There are some straight forward actions that brands can take to avoid expensive and time consuming IP battles and future proof themselves from being targeted by bad actors.

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Domains: Four basic yet dramatic domain name mistakes

A brands domain name is a central component of its online identity and digital gateway. However, there are cautionary lessons that all organisations should be aware off to avoid online blackouts. This post looks at four basic mistakes organisations make that cause huge embarrassment and damage, and how you can avoid these mistakes all together.